All systems car diagnostic dtc fault warning light clear in Jeddah

Posted by khaja on August 19, 2018, 10:13 am

Bought a new car, doing DIY or have warning lights on the dash?

All system car diagnostic scan.

Deep vehicle system coverage for most electronic systems-
(typically Engine, ABS, Airbags, Immobiliser, Instrument Cluster, Climate Control, Power Steering, Automatic Transmission and more!)

Find any fault codes within your car for fault finding or warning light clearing.

D = Diagnostic coverage
E = Electronic Parking Brake coverage
O = Oil service reset coverage
P = DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) functions
B = Battery replacement/validation functions
S = Steering Angle Sensor calibration
T = Throttle Position Sensor calibration
C = CVT (Constant Velocity Transmission) coverage

Generic Coverage:


European Makes:

Abarth (D/E/O*)

Alfa Romeo (D/E/O*/P/S)

Aston Martin (D/O)

Audi (D/E/O**/P/B/S/T)

Bentley (D/E/O**/P)


Bugatti (D/E/O**/P)

Citroen (D/E/O/P/B/S/T)

Dacia (D/O/P/S)

Fiat (D/E/O*/P/S)

Ferrari (D***)

Ford Europe (D/E/B)

Jaguar (D/E/O/P/B/S)

Lamborghini (D/E/O**/P)

Lancia (D/E/O*/P/S)

Land Rover (D/E/O/P/B/S/T)

Maserati (D***)

Maybach (D/E/P/S)

Mini (D/E/O/P/B/S)

Mercedes Benz (D/E/O/P/S)

Opel (D/E/O/P/B/S/T)

Peugeot (D/E/O/P/B/S/T)

Porsche (D/E/O/S/T)

Renault (D/E/O/P/B/S)

Rolls-Royce (D/E/O)


Seat (D/E/O**/P/B/S/T)

Skoda (D/E/O**/P/B/S/T)


Sprinter (D/O/P)

Vauxhall (D/E/O/P/B/S/T)

Volkswagen (D/E/O**/P/B/S/T)

Volvo (D/E/O/B)

USA Makes:

Chrysler (USA only) (D/E/O/P/S)

Ford USA (D/E/B/S)

GM (D/E/O/P/T)

Asian Makes:

Acura (D/E/O/P/T)

Daewoo (D/E/S/T)

Ford Australia (D)

Holden (D/O/B)

Honda (D/E/O/P/T)

Hyundai (D/E/O/B/S/T)

Isuzu (D/O)

Infiniti (D/O/P/B/S/T)

Kia (D/E/O/B/S/T)

Lexus (D/E/O/P/B/S/T)

Mahindra (D)

Mazda (D/O/S)

Mitsubishi (D/O/P/B/S/T/C)

Nissan (D/O/P/B/S/T/C)

Perodua (D)

Proton (D)

Scion (D/E/O/P/S)

Ssangyong (D)

Subaru (D/O/S)

Suzuki (D/O)

Tata (D)

Toyota (D/E/O/P/B/S/T/C)

Chinese Makes:


Brilliance (D/T)

Chery (D/T)

Geely (D/S/T)

Great Wall (D/S/T)

Karry (D)

Rely (D)

Riich (D)

Roewe (E)

(* - Fiat / Alfa / Lancia / Abarth oil service reset for petrol models only)
(** - Oil service for VAG brands does not support cars using UDS/ODX protocols)
(*** - Ferrari / Maserati coverage currently only fault code reading & clearing)

Coverage 2001 to 2015/2016 for most makes.

Based in Jeddah any time after 1 pm.

I will complete an all system scan and clear any faults then scan again to see if there is any live faults in the system, with printouts of the results - Saudi Riyal 250

Please send the make, model, year and VIN of your car so i can check coverage before you come.

Call : 0502476769

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